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Rajesh Kumar Gupta

"Sanket Sir's teaching style is great and I no longer have difficulty understanding the concept of coercion and scope , thanks to his clear explanations."

Vimal Kumar

"I like your teaching methodology. Your experience reflects in your teaching.
The extra study material you gave it really helps.
Doubt support is really good you and TAs are always available to clear the doubts.
I want to thank you that you added extra things in the course and thank you for Guest lectures."


Ashik T M

"JavaScript class was more than I expected and I could learn in better way. Thanks for these amazing class."


"The under the hood stuff about how js works internally was amazing and the depth at which concepts are taught is amazing as well."

Dheeraj Sharma

"What i like the most about the course is the feeling that i experienced while attending the class that you will not miss out on anything "the best ever wholesome course".Its course where invest your money and the thought of your money being wasted never cross your mind. I am very much happy enrolling for the course."

Penubothu Gautham Sai Swaroop

"Sanket sir's teaching is top notch and the best part is that he is teaching from scratch, sticking to what he promised in the curriculum. It's the best online course on full stack development"
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